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We offer a complete line of upright monuments, commonly referred to as headstones. These can be tables and bases, slants on bases, slants on concrete, statuary and full blown monuments. Throughout time, people have chosen to commemorate the lives of those loved, and respected. Across the ages the creation of burial monuments has been the most common form of remembrance.

Eagle Memorials Slant Markers

Slant Markers

These stones are examples of slant markers. They have a wider base, which then slants towards the back presenting an upwards profile. These markers can be had with rough sides and top, like these, or with any number of sides polished. Slant marker stones can be set on a base, or used directly on a poured concrete foundation.

When these markers are used without a base, there can be a substantial cost savings, which can sometimes be a consideration. The slant stone to the right shows a poured foundation that the base rests on. Most upright headstones utilize a separate base, but the broader bottom surface of a slant stone enables some versatility in it’s use.

Tablets and Bases

Eagle Memorials Tablets and Bases

These are the stones most people think of when they think of headstones, or grave markers. They are upright monuments comprised of two parts, the upper, called the tablet, and the bottom, or base. The tablet can be any shape desired and bears the inscription. These are some common shapes and styles of tablets and bases.They can be single or double, and are available in a wide variety of finishes and granite choices.  Eagle Memorials offers Custom Designs for these markers in any design you can envision!

Before you purchase any burial monument, you should know that some cemeteries may not allow upright burial monuments. Some cemeteries may only allow flat bronze or granite burial monuments. Likewise, often sections in centuries are dedicated to certain styles: upright, flat, etc. The type, size and style of burial monuments you want may be influenced in your choice of cemetery property.

There are many factors that affect the price of an upright monument. The variations include how many sides of the stone are polished out smooth. For example, a 2 polish is a stone that is polished on the front and back. A 3 polish is smooth on the top, front and back, while a 5 polish is smooth on top, both sides and front and back. The type of stone used, the polish, and the style all affect the final price of the memorial you choose.

We would be happy to educate you on these important considerations, please call us at 913-369-9453 and you will speak directly with Terry Willburn, as he handles all sales calls and inquiries himself. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, personal service is very important to us at Eagle Memorials.

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