Flat Markers

Flat Markers

The final testament of a loved one is the cemetery marker. Whether you choose granite or bronze, ornate or simple, we can help you choose the right marker. We offer a wide variety of designs and materials in both individual and companion sizes. We are able to ship markers anywhere in the continental United States.

One of the more personal decisions is the cemetery memorial. Today, many cemeteries are being developed as memorial parks so therefore they do not allow upright monuments. This gives the cemetery the feeling of a park-like setting, requires less ground maintenance and reduces the incidence of vandalism. These cemeteries primarily use flat markers, which are available in individual and companion sizes. When purchasing your memorial make sure it is the proper size for your cemetery lot.

Flat Granite Markers

Granite markers are flat memorials that are also known as grass markers or
flush markers. Flat memorials come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You will typically see a rectangular marker due to most cemetery regulations. Eagle Memorials offers a nearly endless selection of designs from which to choose, from elaborate to simple. These granite markers are like a flat canvas where an artist can engrave any kind of design into them. We can only show a small fraction of the many design elements available so please contact us and we will assist you in designing a marker that best suits your loved one. Granite comes in many varieties and textures to provide long lasting beauty in a marker. Click here to see some of the many choices in granite available for memorials.

Individual markers are generally 2′ x 1′ and can be flat, beveled, and slanted with a base. A companion memorial is suitable for husband and wife. A 3′ x 1′ or 4′ x 1′ memorial is suitable for a side by side cemetery lot and not double depth. Instead of a companion marker families can also opt for two singles to memorialize each side of a companion lot r set up the memorial to signify that the space is double depth and have the family name as well as first names.

Flat Markers
Flat Markers

Examples of flat markers. The single markers are 2′ x 1′, Doubles are 3′ x 1′. Stones can be polished on multiple sides or rough on sides. All stones are made to order, materials are in stock, and your order can be shipped within 2-3 weeks.

Eagle Memorials also has a selection of Flat Markers available at a very special price.  Click here for complete details on this offer. This is a great way to save a substantial amount of money on the purchase of a flat granite marker.  The special Eagle Flat Granite markers are 24″W x 12″H and nicely polished on the top surface with an overall thickness of 4″.  They are only available in Grey Granite for just $410.00! 

Your name and dates are listed , as well as any other text that will fit on the stone.  and the special is available in a limited number of different designs. Choose any of the designs below for the Eagle Flat Marker Special, available in Grey Granite only, actual example pictured above the design samples. Call Terry Willburn personally at 913-369-9453. Terry will tell you about payment options and expected delivery times for your Eagle Memorials Flat Marker Special.

DON’T LET FREIGHT COSTS SCARE YOU. We deal with several freight companies that allow substantial discounts for long distance hauling, when freight is prepaid by Eagle Memorials.Because of this, we are able in most cases, to pass considerable freight savings to our customer. Please call or email us today for your free estimate. We are easy to talk to and eager to assist you.

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