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There are many questions to be answered before you choose a memorial for yourself or your loved one. When the time comes to make funeral arrangements for someone very special, or perhaps to plan ahead for yourself with a purchase of burial monuments, many factors should be considered. You will be purchasing burial monuments that will, quite literally, last forever. The burial monuments you create may serve as a source of historical data for future generations.

Before you purchase burial monuments, you should know that some cemeteries may not allow upright burial monuments. Some cemeteries may only allow lawn level bronze or granite burial monuments. Likewise, often sections in centuries are dedicated to certain styles: upright, flat, etc. As you can see, the type size and style of burial monuments you want may be influenced in your choice of cemetery property.

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For many of our customers this is a new experience and understanding the procedures and terminology with regard to memorials can be quite confusing. There are many things to consider when choosing a cemetery. It is important to check with the cemetery you will be working with to understand their requirements about the type of markers you are allowed to use, stone placement costs, and perpetual care costs. Cemeteries have a charge for placement of your memorial as well as widely variable perpetual care costs. Many cemeteries have very precise specifications covering; style, size, color, installation, foundation, etc.. When you have decided on a cemetery or are looking at a list of choices for cemetery, talk to that cemetery and get these specifications before you waste your time looking for a memorial or monument that won't be acceptable in those cemeteries.

We would be happy to educate you on these important considerations, please call us at 913-369-9453 and you will speak directly with Terry Willburn, as he handles all sales calls and inquiries himself. Don't hesitate to give us a call, personal service is very important to us at Eagle Memorials. e and browse through our site where you will find a sampling of the memorials and memorial products which you can purchase from Eagle Memorials in the comfort of your home, without the presence of a salesperson.

As in most cases if this is your first time purchasing a memorial product and feel lost, please don't hesitate to call us. We would be happy to personally educate you with a basic knowledge of the many aspects of our industry and offer answers to some frequently asked questions.

At Eagle Memorials, we guarantee your unequaled satisfaction with our handling of your memorial purchase, from the superior quality, the unmatched pricing and the personal service we offer to you every step of the way. Because of the extremely personal and customized nature of the process of purchasing memorials, we can only begin to show you some of the examples of our work.

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