Memorial Benches

Eagle Memorial Benches are a great way to remember your loved ones. Benches are available simply as memorial park benches, or as repositories for cremated remains. We offer a wide variety of benches and can custom make one to suit you. Here are some samples of benches we offer, and be sure to click on the product galleries in the right hand sidebar or on the homepage to see more of our selection of Memorial Benches.

Eagle Memorial Benches are a great way to remember and pay tribute to friends, loved ones or associates. Memorial benches and products can also be used to commemorate fellow workers, classmates, or golf partners. Memorial benches make great donations for parent teacher organizations for recognizing teachers or remembering students.

Benches can be used on golf courses to remember golf partners or designate holes tee offs and yardages. Local clubs can recognize past presidents, members for years of service, or get recognized for donating benches or other products to the community. Veteran organizations find that benches and memorial plaque bases are great on and around war memorials.

We make top quality products that give years of use and are appealing to the eye. These products are designed and planned for looks, comfort, strength and durability. Because of their heavy weight, they resist vandalism.

We can provide different styles, materials and finishes to match individual projects. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, individually or your organization, in selecting the item that best suits your needs.

DON’T LET FREIGHT COSTS SCARE YOU! We deal with several freight companies that allow substantial discounts for long distance hauling, when freight is prepaid by Eagle Memorials. Because of this, we are able in most cases, to pass considerable freight savings to our customer. Please call for bids.

Call or email Terry today at 913-369-9453 to experience the difference in the way we do business.

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